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Caithness has a varied geography, providing lots to see and do particularly for those who love the outdoors. Why not investigate:

the stunning coastline, from sandy beaches, rocky foreshores, steep cliffs and a wide variety of seabirds including puffins! Seals, porpoises and the occasionally the odd Orka has been spotted in our waters.

Thurso's renowned rock breaks, which have hosted the O'Neill Coldwater Classic World Surf Competition.

Day trips to the Orkney Isles. Visitors to Orkney can check out the ancient neolithical site of Scara Brae, or perhaps visit the famous Italian Chapel, or try the local ales or the renowned single malt, Highland Park.

Other tourists spots include the Castle of Mey (the Late Queen Mothers holiday home), the Old Pulteney Distillery, Caithness Horizons or John O'Groats